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Oberwolfach Foundation

The Oberwolfach Foundation (Oberwolfach Stiftung) serves the promotion of science and research at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO). It was founded by the Förderverein of the MFO (Friends of Oberwolfach) to provide for steady reliable cash flows supporting the outstanding scientific work at the MFO.

Intended purpose of the charitable Oberwolfach Foundation is in particular:

  • Bestowal of the Oberwolfach Prize to young European mathematicians to honour outstanding achievements in mathematical research.
  • Financial assistance to specific projects of the MFO.
  • Financing of infrastructural facilities of the MFO.

The appropiation of funds lies in the responsibility of the board of the Oberwolfach Foundation.

To safeguard the fulfillment of its purpose donations to the Oberwolfach Foundation are of utmost importance especially in times with historically low interest rates. You are strongly encouraged to make a contribution.

You can donate to the Oberwolfach Foundation in several ways:

For more information on donnations please refer to the Donate section.

Important notice for donations from the US: it is possible to make tax deductible donations via Myriad USA. Please contact how to proceed.